TWRP 2 - Theming


TWRP 2 Theming:

At the bottom of this page you will find the stock layouts that were used in the release.  Below, we have linked a couple of guides that we hope will help you build a better theme for TWRP.  Note that we've kept the stock themes fairly basic in an effort to keep the look and feel consistent and provide a safe and clear user interface.  We've also kept it small to make sure that our recovery will fit on devices with smaller recovery partitions.  On the sdcard, these issues won't be present.



Note that it is possible to introduce bugs into TWRP even within your XML theme.  It's also possible for someone to introduce a malicious theme where a button might say "Backup" but it might actually wipe your phone.  It's even possible for a theme to wipe your phone or flash a zip without you pressing any buttons.  Be careful who you get your themes from. 

Stock Layouts:

These stock layouts are a good start to any theme and provide a good idea of how the XML engine in TWRP should be used. You can find the stock layouts in our github here: