TeamWin Recovery Project (twrp) - HTC Evo 3D (CDMA) page

About twrp

Twrp is the Team Win Recovery Project and represents our attempt at making the Android Recovery an easy to use tool. More information about twrp (Change Log and Feature List) is located on the main project page 

** Nandroid backups from versions 1.0.3 and below are not compatible with 1.1 and above.  To restore a backup from prior to 1.1 you will need twrp 1.03 or below.**

Flashing Instructions

Zip Install

Rename the zip file and place it in the root of your sdcard. Power off the device and boot up holding Power and Volume Down. Confirm the flash. Reboot your phone and remove the zip file from your sdcard root or rename it.

IMG Fastboot Install

With fastboot installed on your computer, boot your phone into the Fastboot USB mode. Type:

fastboot flash recovery /path/to/recovery.img

Known Issues

  • Nandroid not compatible with twrp 1.0.x backups

Device Specific Changes

  • General changes found on the main project page
  • Battery percent working
  • Capacitive buttons working



Previous versions:

md5: 0fd1f8c2716d756b36ef46b9fa599f91
md5: a0cecc3ce47c643d4ee82013065b83e4

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